Mechanical/Electrical Design and Contract Administration

We provide an integrated Mechanical/Electrical design of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems including:

  • Assist in planning the facility, making due regard for efficient operation, capital cost, operating cost, and orderly expansion.
  • Assimilate user requirements and prepare conceptual design.
  • Prepare reports on alternate systems for management acceptance.
  • Establish authority for equipment and trade contracts.
  • Complete all engineering designs.
  • Prepare tender drawings and specifications,
  • Assist in tendering of projects,
  • Receive and check shop drawings
  • Make periodic inspections of the field work to ensure that it complies with the intents of the drawings and specifications, provide clarifications and interpretations to the questions arise at job meetings.
  • Arrange for as-built drawings, operating staff instructions and operating manuals.