Energy Modeling and Building Simulation

The goal of energy modeling is using computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a building throughout an entire year of operation and assess the energy use of a building and to quantify the savings attributable to the proposed design. Properly used, energy modeling can help optimize the building design and allow the design team to prioritize investment in the strategies that will have the greatest effect on the building’s energy use. Energy modeling even can be started in conceptual design stage to ensure that efficiency goals are met with minimal complications or costs.
We are specialized in using EE4, eQUEST and HAP energy modeling programs and able to do modeling for the following purposes:

  • Energy Code Compliance (Ontario new SB-10 compliance)
  • Incentive Programs
  • Design Guidance (Schematic Design, Detail Design, Construction Phase)
  • Verify Performance (Post Occupancy, Measurement and Verification)
  • LEED Compliance Modeling