Energy Audit

The main goal of energy Audit is save energy & improve the indoor working environment.
Energy Audit consists of procedures or methods of collecting and analyzing available energy-related data in order to establish the most accurate departmental breakdown of energy consumption and identify component-based energy-saving opportunities within a facility.
During building survey/inspection we obtain information, and check the condition of followings:

  • Building envelope (dimensions and thermal performance data of walls, windows, doors, and roof)
  • Lighting (type, density)
  • HVAC, piping and Electrical equipment (age, condition, design)
  • Additional energy consumption facilities or processes

To analyze collected data, also we need a full set of drawings and specifications (architectural, mechanical, and electrical) as well as a copy of utility bills (Gas, oil and electricity) for at least past 12 months.
We can provide our knowledge and experience toward providing building energy efficiency to our clients. We considers all aspects of energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety as part of the energy audit. Energy Audits are performed in conformance with NRCan Energy Efficiency Planning and Management Guide.
Some of the energy efficiency measures that may be suggested are:

  • Replacement of old/malfunctioning equipment with new/energy efficient equipment
  • Piping or duct insulation
  • Lighting Upgrade
  • Temperature set-back
  • HVAC retrofit with cost-effective considerations
  • Pay back calculations on invested cost